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Snail House

When I was 5 years old I had a pet snail in my bedroom. My pet snail had the same name as me, even though it was a girl. My snail had a nice place to live. It was a square glass container with an island. There were palm trees on the island. I fed my pet snail everyday. One day I fed my snail and left. When I came back the snail wasn't moving. That's when I noticed my snail had laid eggs. The eggs hatched and now I had about 10 snails! My snail house keeps getting bigger!

Jace, age 10

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Duck Tales 

I see ducks everyday where I live. I like when they chase me. Sometimes I scare them away. I feed them too. I like watching them. I feel peaceful when I watch them. Their feathers are such pretty colors. One day I saw a mother duck swimming in the pond with her ducklings. Ducks can be silly. They make me laugh. One day the ducks got a little confused. They thought our swimming pool was a pond. Luckily they figured it out and flew back to the real pond.

Betina, age 12

Surprise Catch

I was fishing in a small pond with worms, but I wasn't catching much. I saw a loaf of bread that someone had left, so I decide to try that. I cast the line and waited. I felt a tug. I pulled the line in fast, but nothing was there. I tried again. After awhile there was another tug, much bigger than the first. I pulled the line in fast. It was very heavy! When I got my "fish" to shore I could see it wasn't a fish at all. It was a really big turtle! I showed it to my family then let it go.

Michael, age 13