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My eyes show that I am confused and scared. You can't see what I feel. I keep my feelings hidden. I am all tense inside. I feel like I am about to be torn apart into tiny pieces I would be like a sandman. My face is blue because sometimes I act cold to others so they will leave me alone. The two steel doors on my chest hold in all my anger and bad thoughts so they won't burst out. The lock rattles and shakes because sometimes I am about to explode. That's when I take a deep breath, go outside under the clouds and calm down. Looking at clouds brings me peace. Around the clouds the sky is red. It shows that there is still anger in me and I can't get away from it.

Jakobe, age 9

Some people say that I shouldn't be mad at the world but I am. They tell me that what I am mad about are "little" things that don't really matter. But those "little" things, don't seem little to me, and they still really hurt!. The left side of my portrait shows my pain and anger. I am pulling on my ear because it hurts from hearing all the bad things the world has to say. The right side of my portrait shows happiness. BIG things like love and family make me happy. The sun and light blue sky represent joy and happiness. On this side my face is striped with bright happy colors too.

Timmon, age 11

I divided my portrait into sections. Each section has torn looking edges to shows that my life is a bit torn apart right now. The top section has soft, light colors to represent things that calm me when I start to worry. The beach is one of the best places for me to feel calm. When I am mad going outside and seeing beautiful green grass brings me peace. Tigers are my favorite animal, so I put orange in this section. 

The middle section shows my sadness. My face is blue because it represent tears and crying. My hair is dark to show sadness. There is no specific reason I am sad. It is just a mood that comes over me. It might be a lot of little things adding up. 

The bottom two sections represent happiness. My face is green like the grass, and my hair and shirt are pink. Pink is my favorite color. There are blue streaks in my hair that look like waves. I am happy at the beach and when I look up at a beautiful blue sky.

Jalizza, age 10