Wings of Wonder

These beautiful butterflies were created by teenage girls working to overcome traumatic events in their lives. This project was designed to help the girls reach that goal. Before beginning to draw, the girls learned how a butterfly's journey from caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly provides a visual metaphor for their own transformative journey. Like the caterpillar, they were once vulnerable and easy to trap. Now they are in their cocoons working on their wings of healing. A cocoon is safe, but it is also dark and uncomfortable. Emotional healing is like that too. These girls are working hard to heal and take flight on their wings. When their art was finished each girl wrote about where they each wanted their wings to take them.

Where do I want my wings to take me? I just want to be free and strong and safe. I don't want to stay in my cocoon just filling it up.  I would like to believe in myself because I would like to explore the world, and stop being afraid of everything in the world.

Emily, age 11

When I get my wings I will feel good about myself. I will feel better about my abuse and know how to control my emotions towards it. Hopefully, my goals will be achieved and I will have the career of my dreams. I want to be in the Army.

Katie, age 13

I want my wings to take me to a place where I can be free and happy. A place where justice is served. A place where I can express myself to anyone, anytime and not stress about what is going to happen to my family. A place where I can get away from all the drama going on in my life right now. That's the place I want my wings to take me.

Valerie, age 14